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The chemical world is so diverse and the list of products that benefit mankind today is close to endless. Never the less wee are proud giant in the diverse chemical word and below is a list of the few specific chemicals we supply to clients in and out of East Africa

Below are a few of our speciality chemicals
Product Name Product Details Application
GT-Sparkle A gentle multi-purpose detergent ideal for cleaning and degreasing utensils, floors and hands in hotel, hospitals, institutions and food industries. Cleaning
GT-Saven A high alkali non-foaming detergent. Removes fats, grease, protein and other organic soils. Suitable for cleaning of milk-heaters, separators, tanks and pipelines made of stainless steel Cleaning, Heavy duty CIP's
GT-Sanitizer Hand sanitizer to help decrease bacteria on the skin when water, soap and towel are not available. Kills 99.9% of germs and is very useful in hospitals and in Food and Beverage factories to avoid food contamination. Sanitizing
Chloroplus Chlorine based disinfectant and drain sterilizer. Also used in treatment of swimming pool water to stop algae growth. Disinfecting, Water treatment
Spotex A mixture of sequestering organic acids with excellent lime scale and rust stain removal. Deep Cleaning
Foamplus Chlorinated foaming liquid detergent, alkaline cleaning agent for foam cleaning in food industries with excellent properties for the removal of greasy and protein residues. Cleaning & Disinfection
Hotmeal A good chafing fuel with great burn-time. It can safely be used to warm food indoors and produces minimal soot and odour. Can also be used for emergency heating and outdoor cooking Cooking
Ultraclean A high performance carpet cleaning shampoo. It is a fast drying carpet cleaning chemical and can be used just as work goes on and the carpet will not produce a bad odor after cleaning. Carpet Cleaning
Tilex Keep your tiles clean and stain free by using TILEX. It is a friendly tile cleaner that also leaves the tiles with their glitering look. Tile Cleaning
CT-Aqua For prevention of Scale and Corrosion in Cooling towers Cooling Towers
Aqua-pH pH Booster in water treatment processes Boiler water treatment

The list is endless…

Cleaning and Fumigation Services

Industrial cleaning is a very demanding activity in all ways. Maintaining the offices of industrial sites is very demanding as well, for there is dirt being constantly tracked in from the outside areas of factory floors. Then you have the challenges of working around the heavy machinery and the safety risks that are involved, such as paints, lubricants, metal shavings, and fiberglass. There is also some machinery that is sensitive to things like dust and dirt, and cleaning them is essential.
At KAS Engineering, we have gothered a lot of professional experience over the years in handling all these concerns and duties involved in cleaning. We offer professional cleaning services using our superior cleaning chemicals and machinery that effectively remove all stubborn industrial dirt generated in all food and beverage industries, diaries, pharmaceuticals, hotels, agricultural industries and all institutions.

KAS Engineering provides professionally trained staff; the company is renowned for reliability, quality and professionalism. In this process, only qualified manpower and quality products and equipment are used. All these translate into greater productivity and cost-savings. Thus, clients are assured of top quality service at affordable price. Complete Rodent Control is provided and is effective against rats and mice. The control measures consist of baiting with latest single dose anticoagulant rodenticide and trapping with lures. Termite Control (Provided on surfaces and objects with cellulose content) is carried out through control measures, which comprise of making a chemical barrier between woodwork and wall/floor in contact with them. Dis-infestation Service is effective against cockroaches, silverfish, crickets, posits, etc. The treatment comprises of thorough insecticide spray of entire premises – especially vulnerable places harbouring insect pests. Mosquito Control service is undertaken by thorough indoor wall spraying to kill the adult population. Carpet Treatment is effective against carpet beetles and clothes moth. The control measures consist of thorough spraying of carpet with insecticides, while maintaining their colour and texture.

Fumigation and Pest control

Water Treatment

Clean, safe water is vital for every day life and is an integral part of a big number of production processes. The water treatment process may vary slightly at different locations, depending on the technology of the plant and the water it needs to process, but the basic principles are largely the same.

Unsure where to begin? Meet our water treatment consultants...

Organisations face a hundred and one challenges, every day. Between planning, deliverables, and management duties, waste water treatment can seem like a pretty low priority. Until it isn’t.

Unfortunately, it’s often not until something absolutely has to be done about an operation’s water treatment facilities that things get into motion. Luckily, that’s also where we can help.

At KAS Engineering, we’re the specialists in water and waste water treatment. We take care of it all. So organisations like yours can get on with the day to day, without having to worry about waste water.

Our water treatment consultants can help you to find a solution that matches your requirements, situation and budget.

Some of the water treatment services we provide are;
Water Chemicals
Supply of water treatment Chemicals

We supply superior quality water treatment chemicals to a wide range of client in and around the East African region

Water treatment accessories
Supply of water treatment equipment

We supply a wide range of water treatment equipment including water filters and testing equipment

Cooling tower descaling
Boilers and Cooling tower descalling

In addition to the provision of boiler and cooling tower water treatment chemicals, we also descale and maintain these multi-million equipment.